The name Brewja Blends is a play on words that comes from the word Bruja (brew-ha) which means witch in Spanish.  Witches were and have always been known for their magical potions, lotions, along with healing wisdom. Many thought them to be evil but in fact it was quite the opposite, they were healers. What they offered were blends with just the right ingredients, that provided powerful healing benefits to support various ailments.  Changing the spelling from bruja to brewja just seemed like the perfect fit. Not only because you brew tea, but also the concoctions and decoctions are like a witches brew, full of beneficial goodness.

As one who believes that whole foods are medicine, Sabrina Cooper Certified Culinary Holistic Nutritionist founder of Nurish Well embraces the healing benefits in herbs, takes very seriously what is included in these tea blends.  Find out more about Sabrina Cooper and Nurish Well here.

Tried and tested, these products are curated with common ailments in mind. Herbs and ingredients in these blends envelope beneficial properties to support individuals on their wellness journeys. Each blend, tincture, tonic and syrup are infused with the healing benefits that come from what that Mother Nature gave us.  There is great comfort in the support that these blends offer however but it is always advised that individuals cross reference with their physicians before use for of these products.  

There are a number of properties that can be benefited from each one of these products. What sets Brewja Blends apart from others is that Sabrina Cooper offers consultations to assist with any of your wellness concerns. As Brewja Blends continue to evolve and grow you can rest assured that only the very best and well sourced ingredients will be included in these products. They will be infused with positive energy so that you can live well and be well, in a balanced well supported way. Always focusing on supporting your wellness needs through nutrition and herbal formulas.

"Brewja Blends passion is to to inspire wellness, nourish mind &body and support your well being" -Sabrina Cooper