The Benefits of Using Dandelion

The Benefits of Using Dandelion

Sabrina Cooper

Every year in the spring many of us witness to the sea of yellow that adorns the lawns throughout the neighbourhood.  Many will do whatever it takes to rid their lawn of this very evasive "weed" without realizing what a nutrient dense gem this is.  Now, before you pick it and throw into a salad, smoothie or other ways please be sure  of a few things.  Firstly, that they are pesticide free, secondly that it is away from road ways, and thirdly be aware of any known allergies.  Also please know that the information I share is not meant to replace any medications, cure or heal.  Always check in with your physician always before adding/replacing or supplementng  something new to your lifestyle.  

Dandelion comes from the French phrase dent de lion or lion's tooth, relating to the jagged edges that are found on the leaves.  Did you know that you can consume the flowers, roots and leaves?

The flowers and the leaves can be tossed into a delicious salad.  Be aware that they can get a little bitter but with a delicious dressing it will be worth it.  Also you can throw them into your smoothie for a nutrient boost of Vitamin A and C.  We all know that we need all the vitamins we can get in a natural form. 

The leaves and roots can also act as a diuretic which helps eliminate fluid away from the body.  Most pharmaceutical diuretics will eliminate nutrients during urination but the dandelion restores the potassium to the system.  

The roots of the dandelion have many beneficial properties. They can aid in digestion, has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is also often added to blends as a gentle live tonic that can detox and improve liver function.  Brewja Blends After Par-Tea includes dandelion leaves for this very beneficial property.

Did you know that roasted dandelion roots can be used as a caffeine free coffee substitute thanks to its delicious earthy nutty flavour.

So as you can see dandelion may be a pesky weed to some but for those of us into culinary herbs its a gem!  




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