A Healthy Dose of Happiness

A Healthy Dose of Happiness

Sabrina Cooper


In a world where creativity knows no boundaries, it's always exhilarating to venture into new territories. As an avid creator of blended teas, I have recently found myself with a bit of extra time on my hands. So, I decided to channel my inventive energy into a completely different realm – podcasting.

That's right, you heard or should I say read it right.

Together with my dear friend Dabney Vaccasro of Wild Herbals, I have embarked on a journey calledThe Lifestyle Herbalist: A Healthy Dose of Happiness.  We wanted to create place where we could explore a wide range of topics related to holistic living, wellness, and, of course, the remarkable world of herbs.  We are both hold our Bachelors in Dental Hygiene, Herbalists and use Holistic approached for wellness and nutrition. 

Hoe we embracing Holistic living:

 The Lifestyle Herbalist podcast aims to inspire and empower individuals to live a more holistic and fulfilling life. We dive into various aspects of well-being, from physical health to emotional balance, and everything in between. Our conversations cover a wide range of topics, including herbal remedies, nutrition, mindfulness practices, self-care rituals, and cultivating a positive mindset. Our goal is to provide a wealth of knowledge and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into daily life.

Diving into Herbalism:

 As lovers of all things herbal, we couldn't resist exploring the fascinating world of herbs in our podcast.  We highlight the benefits and uses of different herbs, sharing our expertise and experiences. From uplifting lavender to versatile chamomile, and energizing peppermint to soothing valerian, we dive deep into their medicinal properties, culinary applications, and the magic they bring to our lives.  We didn't want it to be all herbal but we make sure there are episodes that you can learn more about the world of herbals.

 Guest Experts and Engaging Conversations:

 As we journey through the podcasting realm, we are excited to invite guest experts to join us in enlightening conversations. Herbalists, wellness practitioners, nutritionists, and mindfulness experts are just a few of the inspiring voices we will feature. Their expertise and unique perspectives will enhance our understanding of holistic living and provide fresh insights for our listeners, making sure to deliver a healthy dose of happiness.

 A Cup of Happiness for Your Ears:

 Just like a cup of warm tea soothes and nurtures the body, The Lifestyle Herbalist podcast aims to do the same for your mind and soul. We believe that happiness and wellness go hand in hand, and our podcast serves as a source of encouragement, inspiration, and practical guidance. With each episode, we strive to infuse your day with a healthy dose of joy and empowerment.

 As a tea creator turned podcast host, I am excited to embark on this new venture alongside my dear friend Dabney. The Lifestyle Herbalist: A Healthy Dose of Happiness invites you to join us on this journey of exploring holistic living, herbal wisdom, and nurturing well-being. We are eager to share our passion, knowledge, and experiences with you, providing tools and insights to support your journey towards a happier and more fulfilled life. So, grab your favorite cup of tea, tune in to our podcast, and let us embark on this enlightening and joy-filled adventure together.

 Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes and get ready to infuse your life with the power of holistic living and a dash of happiness!


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